I have summarized the cleaning techniques of Shutaro Matsuhashi, a character who is familiar with people who lose money and household chores Emon and Juicies.

Laundry in the toilet/bath! If you remember his cleaning technique that covers everything, you will surely find yourself in a house.

I also use it for laundry and dish washing everyday. It is especially indispensable in the kitchen, and sodium sesquicarbonate water is convenient for baby care!

Oil stains and hand stains… Rinse away daily stains.

Sesquicarbonate soda water

I think this is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about household chores. Sesquicarbonate soda. He may have spread it to the world… The image of housework = sesqui is so strong ^^

It is said that sodium sesquicarbonate has stronger cleaning power than baking soda. Sesqui is alkaline like baking soda.

Unlike baking soda, it dissolves easily in water, so it’s convenient to make sesqui water immediately!

How to make sesqui water

Mix 1 teaspoon of sodium sesquicarbonate (about 5 g) with 500 cc of water.

You can use this sesqui water in various ways, which is convenient.

It is convenient to order in large quantities by ordering online through Rakuten. I recommend bulk buying with free shipping. Sesquicarbonate soda = alkaline wash ^^

[Ground salt company household soda alkaline wash 3kg]


Air conditioner filter cleaning

Cleaning the air conditioner filter is a hassle. Dust, wash it with water and get rid of it… I’m not as heavy as a general cleaning. In the first place, the position is too high to reach the end! I don’t feel like motivating too much.

Housekeeping Emon introduced how to easily clean even such a short mom. That is using this clearance nozzle.

If you install it at the end of the vacuum cleaner, you can easily reach the air conditioner in a narrow place or a high position. With this, you can reach without removing the filter.

Moreover, if you replace the head depending on the purpose, you can get fine dust such as window sashes and computer keyboard gaps. With this, cleaning the whole house will be easier.

However, make sure that the head can be attached before purchasing. Dyson can be installed!

Repair of dented flooring

Under heavy furniture, children threw toys and the flooring dented! This is a common problem, but it can be fixed.

All you need is an iron, water and towel! Let’s fix it without spending money.


① Check the flooring material and remove the dirt from the floor.

② Sprinkle enough water to cover the dent and leave for 5 minutes.

③ Cover the dent with a wet towel.

④ Place a warm iron on the towel.

If there is no change, raise the temperature little by little.

⑤ After the dents are no longer noticeable, dry them thoroughly.

If the surface is rough, it can be cleaned by sanding with sandpaper and then painting.

It seems that the cells of the wood that have been dented by the steam of the iron by returning to the water will return to their original state.

Please note that the effect varies depending on the material.

○ Okay material

Solid wood

× Bad material

Seat flooring, synthetic flooring, cushion floor

Depending on the type of tree, the amount of water that will restore the dent and the set temperature of the iron will differ.

First of all, please do it in a discreet place on the floor while gradually adjusting the temperature and the amount of water, and test it to see if it is effective.

Toilet yellowing

What to prepare

Sesquicarbonate soda water
Glasses cleaning

Is the wall of the toilet dirty somehow? It’s yellowing or blackening… I think that the walls are also dirty in places other than the toilet.

For such stains, use sesqui water and a glass cloth.

Dirt that has entered between the fibers of the wallpaper will be removed with this glasses wipe. Even if you rub it vigorously, it is soft if you wipe glasses so you do not have to worry about damaging the wall.

The way is easy. Sprinkle sesqui-water on the glasses to wipe off the stains you care about.

You can easily get your glasses wiped at 100 stores and home centers, and you can easily order online. Ultrafine fiber glasses cleaning


Black mold in bathtub

baking soda
Jersey rag

Black mold on the bathtub uses baking soda and jersey rag.

What is a jersey rag? ? I’m surprised, but it’s a jersey. A jersey for students’ gym clothes and exercise. This is a housekeeping style cloth rag that uses the pants pocket of a jersey.

Easy to make. Just cut out the pockets of your jersey pants. Put this on your hand like gloves and you’re ready to go

Then add baking soda to this pocket to remove the black mold you care about.

If you use the joint part of the pocket, you can put it in a narrow gap and clean it, it is convenient and easy! The jersey rag is useful.

Citric acid for stubborn black mold

I still can’t take it… The cause of such stubborn black mold stains may be soap residue.

Soap residue turns into a barrier that does not reach the black mold stains.

The first thing to do is to take this stone shavings.

citric acid
Mold remover

What to prepare is citric acid or vinegar. I don’t like the smell of sour vinegar

If you are not sour, we recommend citric acid.

Rinse off soap residue with citric acid or vinegar and rinse thoroughly. After that, if you use a fungicide, you should be able to cleanly remove black mold.

However! Rinse off citric acid and vinegar properly. Be careful as it is dangerous if mixed with a mold remover .

Black mold that has entered the joints of chairs and floors

It seems that potato starch is effective for getting rid of black mold that has entered the bath chair and joints! These molds, which are said to cause asthma and allergies, should be repelled.

Two are needed. It is a starch starch and chlorine bleach (liquid). It is not powdered but liquid. This is the case →
① Add approximately the same amount of starch starch and chlorine bleach, and mix well until it becomes sticky.

(2) Apply directly to the black mold stain you are interested in and wrap it from above. After that, leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off.

At this time, let’s flush with water instead of hot water! If you use hot water, it will be useless!

Rinse with plenty of water even after draining into the drain.

Be careful as the color may change depending on the material.

Drain clogged goods

We also introduced recommended goods to those who said that the flow of water in the bath is bad. Hair sticks and the flow gets worse. If you can’t solve it with a commercial detergent

With this feeling, the hair inside the drainage channel will be pulled away…

Even if the drainage flow is bad, it costs about 8,000 yen if you ask the trader, but it is about 1300 yen for Flexi Snake.

If you want to eliminate the problem, please do. You can buy it at Rakuten, or you can buy it at a home center.

Mold on the ceiling

Mold also grows on the ceiling. Rather, it is the most important place because if you do not drop it, it will fall into the entire bath.

In the first place, the reason why mold grows in the bath is because the mold on this ceiling spreads the spores! So let’s clean here! This will prevent mold in the bath.


Get a floor mop and kitchen papers.

Put kitchen paper on the floor mop to clean the floor. Spray the fungicide here to clean the ceiling.

Next, fully wet the kitchen paper with water to remove the mold remover on the ceiling.

Then wipe dry and you’re done!
































































What did you think. In addition to sesqui, oxygen-based bleach and sodium percarbonate… If you use them properly, the whole house will be beautiful. Moreover, since it does not contain a surfactant, it does not impose a burden on the environment and is likely to be ecological.

Let’s clean the house and the earth cleanly ^^


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